ESI Wage limit Raised to Rs.21,000 from 15,000 w.e.f 01-01-2017
Only 10% construction cess spent on labour welfare SC
The Government is Initiating consultations to Amend Maternity act Bonus act and Gratuity act
EPFO revised Admin Charges from 1.36% to (0.5 + 0.65 + 0.00 ) 1.15% wef 01-04-2017
EPFO removed grace period of 5 days for contributions remittance
EPS Pension Age Limit Increased from 58 to 60 years

MIS & Data Analysis in Excel & Access Training Course

Basic & Advanced Excel
Dashboard & VBA / Macros Programming
Automation Development Reports & Live Projects
MS – Access & SQL

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Management Information System, or simply MIS, is an important and essential aspect of any business organization, which allows them to acquire vital information necessary to perform their functions effectively and efficiently. It usually refers to how an individual, group, or organization evaluate, implement and manage the system to develop information to improve business performance. If you wish to make a career in the MIS field, then you are required to learn and master all the concepts of MIS. Talent Magnifier takes pride in offering the most promising and Job Oriented MIS & Data Analysis in Excel Training Course to Learners in Delhi. We are a leading training provider that has helped hundreds of students gain immense and quality knowledge of MIS, and acquire a fine paying job soon after the completion of the course. The specifically designed course motivates the learner to grab the essential knowledge and practice it wisely to come out as a clear winner in this stiff competition.


Valid Certification

When the course is completed you will get a certification that will help you enter or progress in the corporate world.

Seasoned Faculty Members

Our trainers are industry professionals who have deep expertise in imparting training and working in the corporate world.

100% Placement Assistance

We ensure that you get many opportunities to give interviews to ensure that you get a good job. Our placement assistance team is highly efficient.

Lab Facility

You get the opportunity to work in a real lab where a few technical tests would help you learn better.

Awesome Workshops

Real time projects help you learn new concepts better and top class case studies let you learn from real-life examples.

Administrative Support

A skilled admin team helps you to plan your schedule better and get rid of all the doubts. They also offer support during admission and placement processes.

We understand that every organization wishes to remain in the top position in the market and in order to accomplish that, the most important resource they can use is information. However, acquiring such vital information and then evaluating and filtering it to make it more useful for the company require talent and skills. By attending this prestigious MIS & Analysis in Excel & Access Training Course, the learners will be able to gain a thorough comprehension on the subject through our real time training session. During their time in the institute, the applicants will learn to collect data from different sources, evaluate, manage and implement it as per the requirements of the company so that the management could make better financial and other decisions to enhance the productivity of the organization. Our industry experienced and certified trainers will guide you during your entire period in the institute and help you understand the strategic planning, management control and transactions processing processes in which MIS plays a significant role. They will be able to operate MS Excel, MS Access and SQL Server with ease and expertise as these tools comes very handy in handling large amount of data and presenting it in a more suitable manner.

Talent Magnifier not only contain the best trainers to help you, but also provides the latest and updated course material comprising with all the current demand by the organizations. Furthermore, the course offers many unique and innovative benefits that include live training session, working on projects and assignment, and interview preparation to help you acquire a promising without failing. We Guarantee 100% job Placement Assistance after the successful completion of the course.

No one needs to be explained on the importance of information for any business organization. gathering information from the marketplace and customers allows the organization to understand the market condition, competitors’ activities, customer’s behavior and factors that could affect their business in more than one way. Without proper studying these things, a company cannot achieve success in the market and won’t be able to fulfill the requirements of the customers. MIS offers the management some hard proof on the current situation and structure of the organization and what possible measures are necessary to be performed to improve the performance and productivity of the company. It allows the company to collect, store and manage important data using different systems and tools and understand the challenges they can face until they succeed.

After learning all these benefits MIS can provide to the company, it is understandable why many college learners are pursuing this line as their career. You should also attend this course if you have excellent problem solving skills, ability to manage time and resources, brilliant communication skills, and strategic and decision making abilities. Furthermore, choosing MIS as a career open many more path for you such as business analysis or consultant, business process engineer, system analyst, database administrator, etc. Plus, the pay in this sector is certainly good that adds to the motivation.

MIS Training Course is an important and highly sought after course in the current market due to its significance for the business organizations and the individuals with certain abilities. It involves collecting relevant information from different sources and managing it wisely using different systems. This will be taught during this entire course and some of the crucial details regarding the course are as follows:

The duration of the course is 75 - 80 hours separated ideally in weekends and weekdays, depending on the students’ preference. The course is divided into 3 different modules, each taught by a different trainer with great experience in the field. Other major inclusions of the training include instructor led classroom with projector and PPT availability, certification offered after the successful completion of the course.

Live practical sessions will be held on a regular basis to test your learnings along with handouts and assignments. 100% Job placement assistance also makes this course a must for aspiring candidates.

Other major aspects of the training include

  • Projector based classroom for better comprehension
  • Real time training session and workshop to practice their learning
  • Highly friendly and responsible admin support
  • Regular projects and assignment to test your knowledge
  • Weekend classes, as preferred by the learners
  • Regular assignments and simple tests are organized to judge your skills
  • Workshop Exposure

Course Details

MIS & Data Analysis in Excel & Access Training Course

Introduction to Advanced Excel -
Mathematical Functions
Date & Time Function
Text Functions & Data Validation
Statistical Function & Other Functions
Logical Functions
Lookup & Reference Functions
  • Pivot Table and Charts - Import and Export data, Protect/Unprotect sheets/workbooks. Worksheet formatting and Print Display.
  • Data Collection Method With Data Quality - Collaboration & Security Like Share Your Workbook On Share Drive With Quality
  • Analysis - Single/Multidimensional Analysis, Like Three Dimensional (3D) Tables, Sensitive Analysis Like Data Table, Manual What-If Analysis, Threshold Values, Goal Seek, One-Variable Data Table, Two-Variable Data Table
  • Advanced Chart Technique -  How To Make Dynamic Charts, Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Scatter Chart, Line Chart, Column Chart, Speedometer Chart, Gantt Chart.
  • Advanced Dashboard.
  • Report Development
  • Live Project Session.
What is VBA & How VBA Works with Excel?
Programming Concepts
Decision Makers
Other Kinds of Loops
Workbook Objects Create or Add Single and Multiple Workbooks
Worksheet Objects insert a single and Multiple Worksheets
Cell objects insert Single and multiple Row , Column and Cells
Reading and Writing Arrays
Form Controls and User Forms (Create and Design an user Form)
VBA Programming Functions
Excel VBA Power Programming for VBA Macros
Connection between Excel VBA & other platforms
Effective Error Handling
Automation Development Reports & Live Projects
MS Access is a Microsoft Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) -
Topics Covered as follows:
MS - Access:-
Understanding Databases
Creating Tables
Working with Tables
Designing a Form
Designing a Report
Creating and Using Queries
Automating Tasks
SQL Overview
SQL SELECT statements
SQL Functions and Expressions
SQL Updating
SQL Joins
SQL Sub Queries and Unions
SQL Summarization

Course Time & Duration Details

Course ModulesDuration (Hours)Duration (Month)
Module 1 - 375 - 80 Hours2 - 3 Months
Module 1 - 250 - 60 Hours1 - 2 Months
Module 2 - 350 - 60 Hours1 - 2 Months
Module 125 - 30 Hours1 Month
Module 225 - 30 Hours1 Month
Module 325 - 30 Hours1 Month

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Yes, if you are not sure which course is suitable for you, we as a consultant guide our students to get the best paying job through best training programs in HR, Accounting, MIS, and SAP.
Our training programs provide complete practical training along with theory. You will get classroom training, workshops and other facilities.