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Only 10% construction cess spent on labour welfare SC
The Government is Initiating consultations to Amend Maternity act Bonus act and Gratuity act
EPFO revised Admin Charges from 1.36% to (0.5 + 0.65 + 0.00 ) 1.15% wef 01-04-2017
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EPS Pension Age Limit Increased from 58 to 60 years

Advanced Excel Training Course

Mathematical Functions
Date & Time Function
Text Functions & Data Validation
Statistical Function & Other Functions
Logical Functions
Lookup & Reference Functions
Pivot Table and Charts

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Advanced Excel Training Course is a specially designed course by Talent Magnifier, which target college Learners and working professionals who possess fundamental knowledge of MS Excel and wishes to improve their comprehension and skills in performing more advanced features of the exceptional data management and data analysis tool. The in-house course will offer the students with in-depth expertise and training of MS Excel advanced features in computing a large amount of data and performing data analysis in order to represent the data in a more straightforward and easily understanding way to forecast the future. The training will make the applicant a more suitable and promising candidate for the job profile of a professional data analyst or data manager and helps in directing their career to the right path.


Valid Certification

When the course is completed you will get a certification that will help you enter or progress in the corporate world.

Seasoned Faculty Members

Our trainers are industry professionals who have deep expertise in imparting training and working in the corporate world.

100% Placement Assistance

We ensure that you get many opportunities to give interviews to ensure that you get a good job. Our placement assistance team is highly efficient.

Lab Facility

You get the opportunity to work in a real lab where a few technical tests would help you learn better.

Awesome Workshops

Real time projects help you learn new concepts better and top class case studies let you learn from real-life examples.

Administrative Support

A skilled admin team helps you to plan your schedule better and get rid of all the doubts. They also offer support during admission and placement processes.

Many college students, especially from IT or business background, struggles to get a job as a data operator or analyst due to their lack of skills in data management tools. They only hold a basic knowledge of MS Excel, which is certainly not enough to clear the blockage of other competitors with similar or advanced skills. Knowing this very well, Talent Magnifier has designed this job oriented short term advanced excel training course, where the students can proceed with their knowledge of the most conventional and widely used data analysis tool that includes high end features such as pivot charts and tables, lookup and reference function, mathematical functions, advanced formulas, text and data validation functions, statistical and logical functions, import and export, data analysis and much more. These are some exceptional Excel skills, that are highly demanded by the business organizations and in order to grab an appropriate place in one of those industries, this reliable training is the most vital step that you must take.

We comprise with the best and most experienced faculty who would stop at nothing to help you gain the necessary advanced excel skills to shape your career in the right direction. We offer the best and latest tools, updated course material, live training session under expert supervision, projects and assignment to tighten your grip on the subject and make you become a professional in no time. At the end of the course, the applicants will be provided with interview preparation and 100% job placement assistance so that they can easily acquire a promising opportunity in the market.

MS Excel Course is one of the most widely utilized, easily available and industry job oriented tool in the world, even though it is also one of the oldest tools in this category. There are many other database management and spreadsheet tools are available now, but none are as effective and offer a better user interface as of MS Excel. This is the main reason it still offers a wide range of job opportunities in the market, which you can grab, if you have a more specific and profound knowledge. With advanced excel training, you can ensure that you learn the most effective and demanding features of the tool that allows the companies to accurately store and update their large amount of data, but also analyze it perfectly to understand the market condition and take essential actions. Furthermore, the demand of professional excel operators are huge in the market, which is constantly increasing as organizations are now beginning to understand the importance of big data and data analysis. Learning advanced features of MS Excel not only makes the person more skillful in the field, but also allows them to perform similar tasks with less effort and time.

After completing the course and mastering the advanced features of MS Excel, you will bound to get a higher salary than your other peers, due to your importance to the company and your ability to perform skills and work easily. Working professionals can also attend this training course in order to enhance their skills and given them a better chance of growth. They will be able to contribute more and better to their respective organization. The course will also benefit aspiring entrepreneurs who could perform costly data management and data analysis work themselves without hiring professionals that would increase their budget.

In order to join this prestigious course, the candidate is required to either be in college, or must have passed inter examination. Furthermore, basic knowledge of MS Excel is mandatory to join the course.

During the training, the candidates will be trained by industry experienced and qualified teachers. The entire course will be taught by 2-3 different Trainers.

Free access to the computer lab and tools along with our wide online forum to interact with other learners and trainers.

The duration of the course is 25 - 30 hours and there will two examinations conducted which the candidates have to clear.

At the end of the course, the student will be certified by Talent Magnifier.

The candidates will also receive placement assistance to acquire a decent job.

Other major aspects of the training include

  • Projector based classroom for better comprehension
  • Real time training session and workshop to practice their learning
  • Highly friendly and responsible admin support
  • Regular projects and assignment to test your knowledge
  • Weekend classes, as preferred by the learners
  • Regular assignments and simple tests are organized to judge your skills
  • Workshop Exposure
  • Talent Magnifier Provide 100% Placement Assistance

Course Details

Advanced Excel Training Course

Introduction to Advanced Excel -
Mathematical Functions
Date & Time Function
Text Functions & Data Validation
Statistical Function & Other Functions
Logical Functions
Lookup & Reference Functions
  • Pivot Table and Charts - Import and Export data, Protect/Unprotect sheets/workbooks. Worksheet formatting and Print Display.
  • Data Collection Method With Data Quality - Collaboration & Security Like Share Your Workbook On Share Drive With Quality
  • Analysis - Single/Multidimensional Analysis, Like Three Dimensional (3D) Tables, Sensitive Analysis Like Data Table, Manual What-If Analysis, Threshold Values, Goal Seek, One-Variable Data Table, Two-Variable Data Table
  • Advanced Chart Technique -  How To Make Dynamic Charts, Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Scatter Chart, Line Chart, Column Chart, Speedometer Chart, Gantt Chart.
  • Advanced Dashboard.
  • Report Development
  • Live Project Session.

Course Time & Duration Details

CourseDuration (Hours)Duration (Month)
Advanced Excel Course25 - 30 Hours1 Month

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