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HR Recruiter vs. HR Generalist? Which One is Better

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HR Recruiter vs. HR Generalist Which One is Better

HR Recruiter vs. HR Generalist? Which One is Better


HR Generalist and HR Recruiter, both of these are important designations in organizations and a person responsible for any of these roles is usually associated with the HR Department. Though the qualifications and job roles of both are different, some people confuse both the roles and need to know what is the difference between an HR Generalist and HR Recruiter. If you are one of those people and you are wondering which one is better, then you must read on.

The Core Responsibilities

The core responsibilities of HR Generalists who have attended an HR Generalist Training in Delhi is to ensure that the existing employees are kept satisfied and happy. In contrast, the core responsibility of an HR Recruiter is to find new employees who can fill up empty job roles and help an organization move forward.

The Earnings

The earning potential of HR Generalists who specialize in different aspects of human resource management after undergoing HR Generalist Training in Delhi is usually higher than HR recruiters. In some cases, the HR recruiters earn more, and it is usually only when they achieve all the recruitment targets or fill up an executive-level post.

Mixing of Roles

In many organizations, the limitations of the role of HR Generalists and HR Recruiters blur occasionally. For instance, if a company needs a new CFO, the HR Generalist might be asked to help an HR recruiter by doing tasks like calling the candidates, screening them or sourcing resumes from a database. Similarly, when an HR Generalist needs to do a time-bound task like performance appraisals, he or she can ask the HR recruiter to lend a hand by writing reports, drawing conclusions from data, etc.

The Focus

The focus of an HR Generalist who has completed HR Generalist Training in Delhi is usually on ensuring that the employees in the organization have a good time, are happy and loyal. So, they spend more time talking with or observing employees who are in the organization. In contrast, a HR recruiter spends most of his or her time in interacting with complete strangers and convincing them to join the organization. Once the employee joins the organization, his or her responsibility is passed on to the HR Generalist.

Which Role is Better? HR Generalist or HR Recruiter?

Well, the answer to this question varies from person to person. If you are a budding professional, who likes talking with new people and targets, challenge you then you are perfect for the role of an HR recruiter. In contrast, if you are more of a manager who likes to manage people and take care of all their needs, then you should sign up for an HR Generalist Training in Delhi and be a skilled HR Generalist.

Both the roles, the HR Recruiter and the HR Generalist, have their own value in an organization and no company can deny that. This is the reason most companies hire people for both the roles and encourages them to work together and ensure that their actions and coordination benefit the company.

Do you know of any other differences between HR Generalists and HR Recruiters that we missed? If so, feel free to mention them in the comments below and enhance the knowledge of other HR enthusiasts like you!

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