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Importance and Objectives of MIS Course in Delhi

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Importance and Objectives of MIS course in Delhi

Importance and Objectives of MIS Course in Delhi

Management Information system refers to a computer-based system used to collect data in an abstract form that provides the managers with tools to evaluate organize and manage different departments within an organization. It gives necessary information to be used at various managerial levels in an organization and is helpful in deciding about the right decisions to be taken at the right time.

Management information systems (MIS) is an evolving field that is full of challenges. MIS Course in Delhi has become a necessary thing for modern businesses to survive.  Every business needs to deal and sort out large amounts of data while organizing its various departments within an organization. This data is further utilized in taking important business decisions. Importance of MIS can be described in the following way:

More than the need to stay ahead of your competition the importance of MIS can be:

  • Useful in data processing and information retrieval – Foremost advantage MIS provides is the computerized information system. It processes data and retrieves information quickly and effectively. This is helpful in improving the accuracy of data.
  • More Secure – The computerized information system can restrict unwanted access to the database server and is helpful in accessing right controls and applying security controls such as user’s authentication, biometric authentication systems, etc.
  • Minimizes Data duplication – The database systems are made up in such a way that there are rare chances of data duplication. So if data is updated in one department it gets updated automatically available to the other departments.
  • Improved backup systems – MIS course in Delhi provides technology with improved, backups which make the recovery of data easier from the cloud, in case it cannot be recovered from the hardware or software for some reason.
  • Accessible Information – Business executives usually need to travel and may need to access some information while traveling in order to take any decision. The mobile technologies and the internet make accessing data easy and possible from anywhere.

Objectives of Management Information System (MIS) Are:

Useful in Decision Making – decision makers need processed information in order to take the right decisions at the right time. MIS thus helps in it, as it gets you the data in a useful form.

MIS Facilitates Communication – People working at different levels in an organization need information to perform their daily tasks. An exchange of information can be possible through SMS or email facility as they make the communication with the customers as well as with the suppliers more convenient and accessible.

Record Keeping – Management information systems are helpful in maintaining a record of all business transactions taking place within an organization and provide a reference point for these transactions.

Integrates various Departments – MIS integrates the task within different departments of an organization. The data from one department can be evaluated by application of MIS and can be made useful to be used by another department.

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