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Tableau Practical Training Course

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Tableau Training Overview
Introduction to Data Where housing
Data Connection in Tableau Interface
Creating and Using Parameters
Fore Casting and Reference Lines
Tableau Advanced Charts – User defined Charts (IMP)
Job-Readiness – Interview Preparation

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Tableau is considered one of the most powerful business intelligence tools which can be used for data visualisation. It has a very extensive user interface and it does not require any coding. Tableau can be extremely useful for drilling down the information and developing valuable reports in order to garner actionable business insights. It can be extremely useful for business organisations to get a better understanding of the information which is represented in the form of charts and graphics and tables which day can use for data analysis, understanding the behaviour of the customers and current sales trends. Anyone who is willing to pursue a career in business intelligence should have a working knowledge of tableau. If you want to learn and master tableau business intelligence tool, then you need to attend quality and reliable tableau training in Delhi NCR provided by Talent Magnifier. We are one of the leading and and prominent tableau training institute in Delhi who have been operating for the past 5 years successfully. We consist of some of the best and qualified subject matter experts who are responsible for guiding the students in learning all the major aspects of tableau tool. The Aspiring participants can attend training in both online and in house basis, therefore candidates who do not stay in Delhi NCR can also attend the training program at a very reasonable price. The tableau training in Delhi is targeted towards both freshers and working professionals who want to gain knowledge in data visualisation, designing dashboards and Organisation of information. There are various aspects that will be taught by subject matter experts that will lead to a successful career for the participants upon completion of the training. Therefore it is highly recommended for any individual looking to gain understanding of data visualisation and business intelligence technique and become a professional.


Valid Certification

When the course is completed you will get a valid certification that will help you enter or progress in the corporate world.

Seasoned Faculty Members

Our trainers are industry professionals who have deep expertise in imparting training and working in the corporate world.

100% Placement Assistance

We ensure that you get many opportunities to give interviews to ensure that you get a good job. Our placement assistance team is highly efficient.

Lab Facility

You get the opportunity to work in a real lab where a few technical tests would help you learn better.

Awesome Workshops

Real time projects help you learn new concepts better and top class case studies let you learn from real-life examples.

Administrative Support

A skilled admin team helps you to plan your schedule better and get rid of all the doubts. They also offer support during admission and placement processes.

In this modern industrialisation world, a large amount of data is generated which the organisation needs to analyse in order to make better decisions. With the help of tableau, the company can gain better Insight of the information using data visualisation which has made the tool and an extremely popular one within the business industry. The tableau training in Delhi provided by Talent Magnifier is designed by industry experts that fulfils the current business requirements of the industry. The course content is designed specifically for the purpose of providing the participants with real-time and highly updated information so that they can become a professional in no time. Some of the major objectives of the training program is to offer you the necessary skills required to become a business intelligence professional. The tableau training will allow the candidate to grass concept of tableau Desktop 10 and become extremely proficient with tableau statistics and building interactive dashboards. They will Master Data sources and develop data aspects along with organising and formatting data. Apart from that, the participants will learn arithmetic, table and logical calculations along with Ad Hoc Analytics and become an expert in visualisation techniques such as Gantt chart, waterfall, treemap, heat map, Pareto and market basket analysis. You will gain excessive command in various mapping concepts such as radical sections and custom geocoding and master special field types and generated fields.

The training program is extremely beneficial for Aspiring analytics professional, IT developers and testers, data scientists and data analysts, business intelligence and reporting professionals along with project managers. Any individual good looking to pursue a career in the increasing and demanding field of real-time big data Analytics should pursue the training after completing the graduation. The training consists of real time practicals sessions and export supervision where they will be guided through various live projects and assignments to get a better understanding of business intelligence and data visualisation techniques. Proper workshops and seminars will be conducted to help the participants with theoretical knowledge of tableau and its concepts. Apart from that, all the participants can choose their preferred class timings and at the end of the training, valid certification will be provided to help them gain a competitive edge over other candidates during interview. With the help of a 100% job placement assistance, the candidates will be provided with Interview preparation skills and personality development training would help them prepare for an interview at MNC.

Before you attend the training, it is also necessary that you understand the scope of tableau and what career objectives you can achieve after learning the business intelligence tools. There are many benefits of learning tableau which you need to know before proceeding with the course.

  1. Tableau is considered one of the best business intelligence tools which is available in the market and is extremely popular among business organisations all over the world for data visualisation purpose. This is the main reason there is an extensive scope for individuals with tableau skills in the current business market.
  2. The average salary of an individual with tableau comprehension and skill is 70% higher than of any other business intelligence professional in the market. This is due to the fact that the person will be able to provide better insight of the data and develop reports in a fast manner as compared to others.
  3. After acquiring skills in tableau, you will not be restricted in one particular field as you can find job placement in various Industries such as Information Technology and Services, e-commerce, hospitals and Healthcare, social media and financial services.
  4. There are many MNC companies who continuously higher business intelligence professionals and data visualisation professional such as Microsoft, linkedIn, Google, Facebook and Uber. Therefore, you will be most likely to become an important personnel for any of these company which will solidify your career.
  5. There is a large community of tableau where you can get the necessary support whenever you are stuck with any kind of difficulty during or working. You will receive possible solutions in real time.

These are some of the major reasons why you should learn tableau and pursue career in the same field of business intelligence and data visualisation along with Data Analytics. You will be a high paying professional which is respectable in the market due to his or her skills. Therefore, you must not wait anymore of a time and join tableau training in Delhi NCR provided by talent magnifier. For more information regarding the institution or the course please visit our office in Delhi.

The tableau training in Delhi NCR is an intelligently designed and dedicated training course that have the highest quality course content that would meet the industry requirements. Below are provided some of the major highlights of the course.

  • Qualified and experienced trainers
  • Real-time practical training
  • Projects and assignments
  • Workshops in handouts
  • Brilliant administration support
  • Free demo class
  • Weekdays in weekend batch timings
  • Instructor LED classroom


  • Interview Preparation - HR
  • Interview Preparation - HR and Domain
  • Mock Interviews - HR and Domain
  • Mock Interviews - External Industry Experts

The entire course can easily be completed within one month based on the class preference and the participants will be provided with guaranteed job placement assistance with a valid certification.

Course Details

Tableau Practical Training Course

  • What is Tableau?
  • Objectives of the Course
  • Who should go for this course
  • Tableau Course Duration
  • Introduction to Data Where housing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Tableau Introduction
  • Tableau Components
  • Tableau Extensions
  • View Sections
  • Dash Board Components
  • Data Connection in Tableau Interface
  • Data Joins in Tableau
  • Data Blending in Tableau
  • Graphs/Charts/Bars
  • Maps
  • Filters and Types
  • Creating and Using Parameters
  • Groups and Sets
  • Calculated Fields
  • Trend Analysis
  • Fore Casting and Reference Lines
  • Annotations
  • Aggregation and Disaggregation
  • Page-shelf or Automated Maps
  • Drop Lines
  • Actions in Tableau
  • Hierarchy in Tableau
  • Tableau Advanced Charts - User defined Charts (IMP)
  • Interview Preparation - HR
  • Interview Preparation - HR and Domain
  • Mock Interviews - HR and Domain
  • Mock Interviews - External Industry Experts

Course Time & Duration Details

Course ModulesDuration (Hours)Duration (Weekend)
(Saturday- Sunday)
Duration (Weekdays)
(Tuesday - Friday)
Tableau35 - 40 Hours1.5 - 2 Months1 Month

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The trainers are highly qualified and professional experts with over 10 years of experience in the field of business intelligence and data visualisation.
Anyone with a graduation degree, specifically in IT field are eligible to attend the training program.
It depends on the capability of the student, however, on an average, an individual can easily acquire a salary package of 3 lakh per annum after the training.
Yes, we offer 100% job placement assistance with Interview preparation and personality development skills to help the candidate clear job interview.
Yes, video prod backup classes for candidates who miss the class for any reason or fall behind.
No, students can submit the fee in 2 - 3 installments using credit card, debit card, cash and e-wallets.