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Advanced Tally ERP 9 with GST Training

Tally GST – Goods & Service Tax
Registration Process under GST
Fundamentals of Accounts and Inventory
Implementation of GST in Tally
GST & E-Way Bill
Getting started with GST in Tally
GST adjustments and Return Filing

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Tally with GST Training Course in Delhi is a specialized course developed by talent magnifier in order to help students who aspires to become a Professional Tax Consultant or an Accountant. A short term dedicated course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and expertise on taxation and accounting that helps candidate to build necessary skills in order to beat all the accounting requirements of the company that includes GST computation. Talent Magnifier understands the current requirements of the GST in organizations which is expected to increase and thus we tend to offer The most reliable and high quality Tally ERP 9 with GST Training Course to desired candidates who wish to pursue a career as a tax professional or an accountant. Through the entire course the applicants will receive intense knowledge on payroll processing, taxation, accounting along with various other topics related to GST processing that needs to be performed in any organization. We possess the latest version of the Tally accounting software with all the GST related topics such as GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GST 3B, GST monthly return dates, GST E-Way Bill, GST returns, GST payment, GST invoice, GST registration and much more. If you are also looking to build a superior career in the fields of Tally and GST, then we recommend you to attend this exceptional and promising training course to direct your career to the right path.


Valid Certification

When the course is completed you will get a certification that will help you enter or progress in the corporate world.

Seasoned Faculty Members

Our trainers are industry professionals who have deep expertise in imparting training and working in the corporate world.

100% Placement Assistance

We ensure that you get many opportunities to give interviews to ensure that you get a good job. Our placement assistance team is highly efficient.

Lab Facility

You get the opportunity to work in a real lab where a few technical tests would help you learn better.

Awesome Workshops

Real time projects help you learn new concepts better and top class case studies let you learn from real-life examples.

Administrative Support

A skilled admin team helps you to plan your schedule better and get rid of all the doubts. They also offer support during admission and placement processes.

The course is targeted towards college students who are either graduated in commerce or in their last year of graduation. It can also benefit working professionals to enhance their skills and expertise in accounting and taxation by learning GST computation using advanced features of Tally. The short term Tally ERP 9 with gst training course will be able to teach the learners on GST e-way billing using the current Tally software, develop and print sales invoices, handle all the GST related elements such as multi tax rates, reverse charges, advance receipts and payments, journal adjustments, quick reconciliation with suppliers, GST returns and refund, etc. It is by far the best training course for commerce students and assist them in developing a promising career ahead. The advanced training in Tally with GST is supported by outstanding management, certified and highly experienced faculty, latest and updated course material and online tutorials.

Here, at Talent Magnifier, we keep a close eye on the activities of the learner and test their skills on a regular basis. The job oriented Tally ERP course with GST enable the learners to perform all the activities related to taxation, accounting and GST with full efficiency using the Tally ERP tool, which is at par with the current and future requirements of the business organizations. We offer real time training under expert supervision, so that the applicants will be able to compute taxes and make entries with ease and comfort. At the end of the course, we also offer interview preparation and 100% job placement assistance to the participants, allowing them to grab a potential job opportunity soon after the completion of the training.

Since the historic decision made by the Indian government on the taxation system in the country this July, there has been an increase in the demand of professional tax consultants and experts with GST knowledge. The elimination of the earlier taxation regime of India and replacing it with one tax - GST, even though has made the entire system easier, but without specific expertise on GST, the company won’t be able to calculate their taxes properly, which could hurt their business. By learning Tally with GST, you will be able to become a professional who is currently in extreme demand, offering you many more benefits that are mentioned below:

  • Increased job opportunities for you to apply. As per the survey, over 1 lakh jobs are expected to rise within a year or two after the implementation of GST in India. This ensures job security for you as a Tally operator.
  • The average received by a Tally operator with GST knowledge in much higher than of an accountant or tax consultant who don’t.
  • The job growth in Tally with GST is incredible and you will soon find yourself on top of the career ladder.
  • You won’t require additional training during the joining of the job profile. The required training would have already been given to you with practical examples.
  • You can also target many other job profiles such as account manager, cost accountant, Taxation expert, financial advisor, etc.

Therefore, if you are good in tax computation and accountancy and wishes to give your skills a more demanding approach to lead a successful career, then join our dedicated Tally ERP with GST Training Program in Delhi as soon as possible. To know more about the course of the institute, please visit our Center.

Tally ERP with GST training course is an outstanding and industry oriented program, that assists college students and applicants to become professional tax consultants and find a promising job opportunity. The course can be joined by any student who has completed his or her graduation in commerce. Last year college students and working professionals can also attend the course to learn and enhance valuable Tally skills with GST. Some of the major and unique features the program include:

  • Outstanding admin support
  • Practical live sessions under expert supervision
  • Real time training
  • Topic oriented projects and assignments
  • Free access to online forums and tutorials
  • Smart classes with projectors and PPT
  • Separate modules with unique teacher
  • Best learning environment
  • Preferred weekend and weekdays classes
  • Workshops and handouts
  • Certification after the training
  • 100% job placement assistance with Interview Guarantee.

Course Details

Advanced Tally ERP 9 with GST Training Course

  • Upgrading to Tally ERP 9 Release 6.0
  • Start Using Tally ERP 9 for GST Compliance
  • Activating GST for Your Company
  • Setting Up GST Rates
  • Updating Stock Items and Stock Groups for GST Compliance
  • Updating a Service Ledger for GST Compliance
  • Updating Sales and Purchase Ledgers for GST Compliance
  • Updating Party GSTIN.
  • Creating GST Ledgers(CGST, SGST, IGST)
  • Creating Income and Expense Ledgers
  • Recording Sales and Printing Invoices
  • Recording Purchases
  • Recording a Tax Payment
  • Other Scenarios
  • Contra and Journal Voucher
  • Masters: Inventory
  • Implementation of GST in Tally
  • Cost Categories
  • Party Ledger Analysis
  • Stock Analysis and Reports
  • Cash and Bank Reports
  • Financial Reports
  • Export, Import,
  • Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) in Tally
  • Tax Collected at Source (TCS) in Tally
  • Payroll Accounting in Tally
  • Printing Reports
  • Sales - Nil Rated, Exempt, SEZ, and Deemed Export
  • Recording Sales Returns
  • Recording Purchase Returns
  • Recording Export Sales
  • Reverse Charge under GST
  • Recording an Advance Receipt from Customer
  • Recording an Advance Payment to Supplier
  • Recording a Journal Voucher for TDS Adjustment
  • Recording a Journal Voucher for Refund of Tax Credit
  • Recording a Journal Voucher for Transitional Credit
  • Recording Journal Vouchers for Other Liabilities
  • Recording Journal Vouchers for Reversal of Tax Credit
  • Recording journal vouchers for manufacturing unit.
  • BRS (Bank reconciliation statement)
  • GST Reports (GSTR3B, GSTR1, GSTR2, GSTR3)
  • GST Computation

Course Time & Duration Details

Course ModulesDuration (Hours)Duration (Month)
Tally ERP 9 Training30 - 35 Hours1 - 2 Months

Learners Reviews & Placement


We offer the short-term course which is especially taught by corporate trainers. The course offers better job opportunities. You can pursue your career as an accountant or tax consultant. You will get theoretical as well as practical learning.
E-Accounts and income tax training course is specially designed for college graduates and working professionals.
To become a professional tax consultant, we have multiple corporate accounting short-term courses like E account, finance and GST, GST, E-Account and Income tax, etc.  The most suitable course is Tally with GST.
Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance. We train and prepare candidates for interviews to get a good job. We have a highly efficient placement team who have tie-ups with leading MNC’s.
Our courses are valid for working professionals and students. We have online classes as well as weekend classes for working professionals. We can also have customized the course and classes as per individual need.
After the completion of tally certification, the minimum salary you can expect is Rs 10000 and maximum vary from person to person.