Dear All,

This is to inform all the current and future users of Talent Magnifiers that some fraudsters are trying to defame our organization. We offer top quality HR courses and our aim is always to ensure that people get a job. But we are unable to moderate every bad comment or statement being made against us. Therefore, we request you to not believe the rumors that we aren’t doing a good job. You are welcome to visit us and see that the work we do is genuine and we really help in building careers.

Talent Magnifier also doesn’t charge any extra money to help our learners get a great job. This service is rendered for free for everyone who has enrolled in any of our programs. So, we urge you not to pay any money to someone who claims to be associated with us without contacting us officially. If you do find a fraudster, do let us know so that proper action could be taken.

Another thing that we would like to clarify is that we have just one branch in Delhi and no other branches across the nation yet. We plan to expand our reach in the future and we’ll let you know of the same. Until then, someone who is running a fake institute by stealing our brand name should not be encouraged. It is requested that you magnify your career with us and not trust any other branches that are being opened in various nook and corners of the country. If you want to report such a fake branch, feel free to contact us.

This declaration was created by us for your safety and ours. We want all our current and future clients to benefit from the real services we provide and we don’t want you to lose your money by trusting a fraudster. We also aim to ensure that our brand identity, which we have developed after so many years of hard work, dedication and quality training services, is not stolen by someone.


Talent Magnifier Team