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SAP HR – HCM Consultant Certification Training

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Project Process in SAP HCM Implementation
Organization Management
Introduction to Personal Administration
Module Interface in the Time Management
SAP – Pay Roll
Compensation Management
Tool used in SAP Projects Uploads

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SAP human resources Human Capital Management or simply SAP HR HCM is a dedicated and professional training course provided by talent magnifier to college students and working professionals who wish to pursue a career as a professional HR. SAP, also known as system application and production in data processing, is an enterprise resource planning ERP tool used by the Human Resource Department of a company in order to manage, handle and process numerous functions of an HR. This includes the recruitment and selection, time management, payroll processing, compensation management, training and development and much more. Talent magnifier has developed this specialized course due to the exceeding demands of Aspiring HR. The course provides in-depth and industry-focused knowledge and expertise required to become a skilled HR. It deals in providing the learner with education on managing people in the industry and handles several different processes related to the human resource. SAP HR HCM Training Course is targeted towards college students who are learning concepts of human resource and wish to become a successful HR in their career. If you are also one of them, then we recommend you to attend this reliable and job oriented training course which will certainly provide you the result you expect.


Valid Certification

When the course is completed you will get a certification that will help you enter or progress in the corporate world.

Seasoned Faculty Members

Our trainers are industry professionals who have deep expertise in imparting training and working in the corporate world.

100% Placement Assistance

We ensure that you get many opportunities to give interviews to ensure that you get a good job. Our placement assistance team is highly efficient.

Lab Facility

You get the opportunity to work in a real lab where a few technical tests would help you learn better.

Awesome Workshops

Real time projects help you learn new concepts better and top class case studies let you learn from real-life examples.

Administrative Support

A skilled admin team helps you to plan your schedule better and get rid of all the doubts. They also offer support during admission and placement processes.

The importance of SAP HR HCM in the current business market cannot be ignored. Every business organization no matter the scale requires a person who could utilize the SAP HCM tool in order to keep track of the business activities of the company. Right from recruiting a new candidate for the organization to evaluating his or her performance, compensation, managing promotions, handling payrolls, configuring positions and much more can be processed using this particular tool. Therefore, organizations these days constantly look for suitable candidates who are skilled in using SAP HCM tool. The SAP HR HCM Certification Training Course by talent magnifier is a prominent opportunity for any student who aims to acquire reliable and complete knowledge of this HR tool. This short-term course will cover several topics including the introduction of the SAP HR tool common recruitment and personal development, time management, Organisational Management, payroll processing, personnel administration, developing an organizational structure, executing an action plan, compensation management, project process in SAP HCM, training and event management, etc.

Talent magnifier offers a different modules taught by various corporate trainers in a time span of over 6 months. We comprise of the most recognized and highly experienced instructors along with the latest and updated course material. Our Institute offers the best learning environment and infrastructure well supported by our administration.  The applicant can choose their preferred classes and receive online video tutorials in order to practice at home. Other major features of the training course include live training session, projects, and assignments, latest equipment and Interview preparation at the end of the course.

The SAP HR HCM Certification Training Course by ERP Consultants will prove to be a turning point in the career of Aspiring HR. The demand of a professional HR will knowledge on SAP HR tool it is continuously increasing in the business market. During this course, the applicant will be able to learn how to set up a business process, understand and process payroll accurately, manage the provided time efficiently in order to contribute more to the company and describe Organisational Management process and configuration. Other than assisting the learner receiving in-depth knowledge of SAP HCM tool and along comes up to become a suitable candidate for HR job profile in any business organization, some other major benefits of learning SAP HR HCM are mentioned below.

The course is not only targeted towards college students, it can also be pursued by SAP consultants, MBA HR business analyst project team member, SAP HR ABAP, etc.

  • The average salary of an SAP HR consultant is way over 10 lakh per annum in India.
  • SAP HR HCM tool is utilized by several industrial Giants including Accenture, JetBlue, HCL and much more.
  • The job scope of SAP HR HCM is huge in the market, which is expected to increase in a couple of years.
  • The job growth in the same job profile is also better than other job profiles in the same department.
  • Within a short period of time you will be able to become highly significant and a replaceable asset for the company.

SAP HR - HCM is a significant and job oriented training course where the candidate will receive knowledge on SAP HR tool and become a most responsible HR professional who will be able to contribute effectively to the success of the company. Anyone with a graduate degree in business can pursue this course, however if you are in your last year of college then you can still join the course. Even though there are any prerequisites for the course still having some knowledge of Human Resource Management would be beneficial but not mandatory. Blue her mentioned the features of the training course.

  • Projector LED smart classes
  • High-quality online tutorial with access to the online forum
  • Live training session under expert supervision
  • Industry oriented projects and assignment
  • Exceptional admin support
  • Handouts and workshops
  • Interview preparation
  • 100% job placement assistance
  • SAP certification after the course

Course Details

SAP HR – HCM Certification Training Course Module

  • Introduction to ERP & SAP
  • Overview on SAP HR Sub Modules
  • Introduction to Project Implementation Methodologies (ASAP Methodology)
  • Implementation Road Map
  • System Land Scape - 3 tier Architecture
        SAP Documents & Authorization and Project Process
  • Security
  • Development
  • Authorization
  • Organization Structure
  • Data Migration
  • Specification Documents Technical / Functional
  • Business Blue Prints
  • Global Template
  • Preparation of projects in ASAP methodology
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Consultants in different phases of project
  • Understanding the HCM specific process in HCM implementation.
  • Preparation of projects in ASAP methodology
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Consultants in different phases of project
  • Understanding the HCM specific process in HCM implementation.
  • Need Platforms of sap Architecture
  • Need of technical / Administration /portal consultants in functional Environment
  • New Dimensions SAP Modules involved in SAP HCM
  • Introduction to new Dimensions E- Modules in SAP HC
  • System navigation
  • Organizational Management Introduction
  • Structure in SAP HCM
  • Objects
  • Relationships
    • Structure of Relationships
    • Syntax of Relationship
  • Methods of Creating Org. Structure
    • Simple Maintenance
    • Expert Mode
    • Organizational and Staffing
    • Menu guided, Open and Action guided methods
  • Editing of Objects and Relationships
  • Validity Period
  • Info type in OM
  • Plan version –Definition and setting of New plan Versions
  • Objects Number Ranges
  • Evaluation Path
  • Integration setting with OM and PA
  • Master Data – Definition and its use in SAP HCM
  • Enterprise structure- Definition and Assignment
    • Company
    • Company Code
    • Personnel Area
    • Personnel Sub Area
  • Personnel structure – Definition and Assignment
    • Employee Group
    • Employee Subgroup
    • Payroll Area and Control Record (with Retroactive Accounting Period)
  • Financial Accounting Global Settings
    • Global Parameters
    • Fiscal Year Variants
    • Posting Periods
  • Employee Attributes
  • Info types and sub types
  • Features in SAP HCM importance and various feature configurations according to requirement
  • Number Ranges for Employee personnel numbers-internal & External with Feature Setup
  • Customizing User Procedures:
  • Configuration of Personnel actions –Info group – Action Menu
    • Hiring
    • Promotion
    • Transfer
    • Organizational Re- assignment
    • Termination
  • Dynamic actions –Use, Configuration with Business Requirements
  • Info type Menus
  • Additional Action – Activations and its use
  • Customizing User Interfaces:
    • Info type screen modifications
    • Info type Header Modifications
  • Administrator group & defaulting through feature
  • Discussion on business requirement in OM and PA modules in Combine for easy understanding of Real time Business Scenario
  • Introduction to time management – time management process in HR
  • Domain and SAP HR time management differentiation a discussion
  • Positive and Negative Time Recording – with Business Process Discussion
  • Public Holidays – configuration of different types of Holidays
  • Holiday Calendar with Business scenarios – Applicability with Enterprise Structure
  • Factory Calendar in HR Perspective
  • Grouping – Personnel sub Area & employee sub group Grouping in Time Management
  • Work Schedules
    • Break Schedule
    • Daily work Schedules (with Variants-with Business Scenarios)
    • Period work schedules
  • Day types and Day type selection rules
  • ESG, Holiday calendar assignment for PSA
  • Work Schedule Rules
  • Introduction to Absences and Attendance
  • Absences quotas Configuration
    • Counting Rules for Absences/Attendances
    • Deduction Rules
    • Assignments of different rules in Absences/Attendances.
  • Time Management Info types
  • Quota Updates:
    • Manual (PA30)
    • Through Report RPTQTAOO
    • Through Time Evaluation (RPTIME00)
  • Positive Time Recording – Understanding of different Time Evaluation Schemas Used.
  • How to use Positive time Evaluation In the Organizations with different business scenarios.
  • Introduction to payroll- HR domain process and SAP HCM Process-discussion on understanding the same
  • Payroll area and Control Record (with Retroactive Accounting)
  • Generation of payroll periods- period and date modifiers (with different country fiscal year settings) – Relevancy of this Time management
  • Payment date setup and modifications
  • ESG for CAP and PCR
  • Pay scale structure
    • Pay scale Area
    • Pay scale type
    • Pay scale Group
    • Pay scale level
  • Wage Types- concept, types & use of wage types
    • Primary wage types
    • Secondary Wage types
  • Features used in payroll Wage types characteristics
  • Valuation of wage type
    • Direct
    • Indirect
  • Wage type model and defaulting of WT model
  • Configuration of basic pay info type
  • Concept of Annual salary and configuration and applicability to the relevant countries
  • Other payroll info types configuration – General and country specific
  • Payroll- Multi Country payroll – an understanding
  • Payroll processing in SAP system
  • Review of relevant data maintained for payroll process.
  • Payroll driver- For US & India.( with Reference to other countries too)
  • US statutory process & US specific info types maintenance
  • US specific Tax Settings.
  • Understanding of US payroll Driver & Payroll Schema in SAP HCM Payroll Process
  • Business Understanding of Garnishment in US payroll
  • Understanding of US Process Logic in SAP
  • US Reports and subsequent payroll activities.
  • Configuration of INDIA specific payroll settings
  • Concepts of Allowance grouping for INDIA
INDIA- Statutory Configuration On TAX, PF, ESI, Professional TAX.
  • Other Statutory configuration on exemptions, HRA, Car & Conveyance etc.,
  • Understanding of Indian Payroll driver, payroll schema & India specific Payroll functions in SAP HCM
  • India specific reports and subsequent payroll activities.
  • Payroll schema & Personnel calculations rules- Customizing the same for the multiple business scenario like time calculation and proration etc.,
  • Checking of payroll results
  • Understanding and customizing the Remunerations statement
  • Subsequent payroll activities:
  • Bank transverse process/Cash/Cash Payment o FICO posting from HR and Finance Perspective.
  • Payroll area, payroll control record, Date modifier, payroll periods
  • Basic Pay Info types (0008)
  • Pay scale area, Pay scale type & pay scale group configuration
  • Primary & Secondary Wage types
  • Payroll Process
  • Gross Pay (Pro-rated pay, basic pay, overtime
  • Bonuses, Recurring payments & deductions Additional payments & deductions )
  • Payroll cycle ( HR Master Data & Time Management Data )
  • Pre requisites (Payroll Org, Basic pay, wage types, info types )
  • Payroll Run
  • Payroll integration ( FI/CO, Time, PA, Payroll)
  • Payroll Accounting & Payroll cycle
  • Payroll Processing
    • Simulation
    • Release Payroll
    • Start Payroll
    • Check Result
    • Corrections
    • Exit Payroll
  • Remuneration statement
  • About Schema’s & Features
  • Payroll Posting
  • Payroll Driver
  • SAP Payroll Reports
  • Payroll Posting Process
  • Payroll Reconciliation
  • Transport Request ( TR ) Working
  • Employee Performance Management System ( PMS ) process overview
  • E-Recruitment Process
  • Analytics and Reporting in HCM
  • Authorizations in HCM
  • Working in ESS/MSS
  • Hands on real time scenarios
  • Time Interface development required in positive time management
  • Use of Time Management Process with ESS/MSS scenarios- leave application, Time booking, Approvals in HR master data Update
  • Introduction to Recruitment
  • Workforce requirement and Advertisement
    • Media
    • Recruitments instruments
    • Address for recruitments instruments
  • Transferring of applicant data to personnel Administration
  • Training and Events-An introduction
  • Training requirement
  • Defining Cost of Training
  • Multiple Business scenarios like pre- Book, Cancellation and re-book etc., for attendance
  • introduction to Personnel Development
    • Qualification and Catalogue
    • Profile match up
  • Appraisal systems
  • Form of Appraisals
  • Appraisal Catalog
  • Use of Compensation Management
  • Job Pricing
  • Salary Surveys
  • Budget types
  • Data Upload process in SAP project
  • Usage of- Standard and custom developed Upload tools
  • Process of generation the customized developments
  • Standard Report in SAP HCM – Understanding and execution
  • Development of Custom Reports in SAP HCM projects- process and executing the same
  • Process of preparing the project oriented documents in the customized developments
Documents & Project Process
  • Project documents used in the SP HCM project implementation
  • Detailed information on Business Blueprint, AS IS – TO BE Documents
  • Different Project specification documents
  • Support project process handling – issue resolution process, tools in managing issues.
Module 14.1 - Other Benefits
  • End to End closing - Financial Year Process
  • Client interaction and communication
  • Discuss Real Time Business Scenario
  • Interview Preparation & Questions

Course Time & Duration Details

Course ModulesDuration (Hours)Duration (Month)
SAP HR - HCM35 - 40 Hours2 - 3 Months

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To enrol in this program, you need to be strong in programming concepts. Those who are from the technical background like BE, B. Tech, MBA or equivalent can take this course.
Those aspiring candidates who want to pursue their career in Material management, SAP MM training program is for them. Our course offers 50-60 hours of theoretical and practical training, real-time training, case studies, projects, assignments, and placement.
As a working professional, you need to invest 3-4 hours per week. We also provide videos and online course material to support working professional and provide valid certification.
SAP fico training helps to review and monitor company’s financial situations. You will learn advanced knowledge of SAP and ERP. You can easily develop accounting charts, earning accounts and other accounts. After completion of SAP fico, you will get a promised job in the reputed company with good salary.
Our corporate trainers provide projects and assignments related to real-time projects. To enhance the learning skills of the candidate we also conduct live workshops.
The course duration is 3-4 months including 50-60 hours training classes! The course duration varies from working professionals to students.