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HR payroll course will show you how to sustain a workplace, which is far more vital than creating one. Every firm recognizes this, which is why they seek out an experienced and qualified HR auditor.

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Payroll is a method via which employers compensate employees for their work. A validated payroll is required for any company with employees. Although payroll may appear to be a simple operation, it entails calculating and balancing payroll data, as well as collecting and filing taxes. Wage deductions, record keeping, and verifying the accuracy of pay data are all handled by the payroll department. The payroll system sends payroll checks, ensures that tax regulations are followed keeps track of new employee paperwork, and changes current employee files.

HR payroll course will show you how to sustain a workplace, which is far more vital than creating one. Every firm recognizes this, which is why they seek out an experienced and qualified HR auditor. As an auditor, you know how to put people at rest while they work. Whether you are a job seeker or a business owner, learning HR social compliance audit can be extremely beneficial.

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    Payroll is an important component of every firm because:

      • After allowed and statutory deductions, workers hope to collect a net rate of salary which represents their entire entitlement.
      • Government agencies with the authority to collect taxes anticipate accurate payroll figures.
      • Labor costs account for a substantial portion of a company’s overhead expenses, and they must be effective in order for profit projections to be accurate.

    What will I get from HR payroll training?

      • Advance your HR and Payroll career
      • With Indian payroll and compliance training, improve your training and expertise in your chosen subject in hours rather than years!
      • Take an easy-to-understand course.
      • Save costs and energy by learning whenever it is convenient for you.
      • Tutoring is available whenever you need it.

    The following are the goals of the HR Payroll certification courses online:

      • Often provide comprehension for payroll professionals on various income tax components payments as per the income tax rules and regulations
      • Provide in-depth comprehension for Payroll training for HR on various income tax components as per the income tax rules and regulations

    What are you waiting for? You can get a Payroll and compliance course from Talent Magnifier.

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    Course Details
    HR Payroll with Advanced MS Excel Course Module

    Minimum Wages Act, 1948 (New topic added)

    • Objectives
    • Applicability
    • Notification
    • Provisions
    • Penalty for contravention of the Act

    Workshop Session

    • Register to be maintained
    • Display (Notice)
    • Annual Return;
    • Grievance by employee;

    Payment of Wages Act, 1936 (New topic added)

    • Objective,
    • Applicability;
    • Eligibility conditions;
    • Responsibility of Employer;
    • Penalty for contravention of the Act

    Workshop Session

    • Registers and Records
    • Annual Return;
    • Grievance by employee;

    Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 (New topic added)

    • Objective,
    • Applicability;
    • Eligibility conditions;
    • Benefits and facilities for women employees;
    • Responsibility of Employer;
    • Penalty for contravention of the Act

    Workshop Session

    • Registers and Records
    • Annual Return;
    • Grievance by women employee;

    Payment of Bonus

    • Bonus Calculation
    • Available Surplus
    • Allocable Surplus
    • Set-on & Set-off
    • Grievance by employee
    • Penalty

            Workshop Session

    • Bonus Calculation Sheet
    • Bonus Payment Registers & Records
    • Annual Return
    • Display

    Payment of Gratuity

    • Gratuity Calculation
    • Maximum Gratuity amount
    • Tax on Gratuity
    • Group Gratuity Policy

    Workshop Session

    • Nomination Forms
    • Gratuity Claim Form
    • Display

    Employees’ State Insurance (ESI)

    • ESI Calculation
    • Interest & Penalty
    • Medical Benefit
    • Maternity Benefit
    • Funeral Expenses
    • Monthly Pension

    Workshop Session

    • Shram Suvidha Portal
    • Sub-Code Registration
    • E-Pehchan Card
    • Aadhaar Updation
    • Monthly Challan
    • Accident Register and Records
    • Declaration Form
    • Claim Forms

    Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF)

    • Provident Fund Calculation
    • Pension Fund Calculation
    • Employees’ Deposit Linked Fund
    • Interest
    • Penalty

            Workshop Session

    • Shram Suvidha Portal
    • Universal Account Number
    • Electronic Challan cum Return
    • AADHAAR Updation
    • PAN Updation
    • Bank details updation
    • Eligibility Register
    • Member Claim Forms

    Payroll Management (On Excel and Cloud-based Software with live access)

    • Components of Salary;
    • Basic, HRA, DA, Conveyance, LTA, etc.
    • Designing CTC, Gross Salary, Net Salary
    • Overtime and Leave Encashment
    • Labour Welfare Fund (LWF)
    • Professional Tax (PT)

    Income Tax & Investments

    • Income Tax calculation
    • Rebate on Income Tax
    • Calculation Surcharge
    • Calculation of Education Cess, Health Cess
    • Taxability of Allowances
    • Tax Deduction on Investments
    • Tax Deducted on Source (TDS) Certificate
    • Investment Declaration Form

    Workshop Session (On Excel and Cloud-based Software with Live Access)

    • Attendance Sheet
    • Leave Register
    • Overtime Sheet
    • Overtime Amount Sheet
    • Salary Sheet
    • Pay Slips,
    • Full and Final Settlement
    • EPF Report
    • ESI Report
    • LWF Report
    • Professional Tax Report
    • Live Cloud-based Payroll Software
    • Investment Declaration Form
    • TDS Certificate ( Form 16)
    • Online ITR Filing

    HR Practical Session With Advanced MS Excel – Topics Covered

    • CTC Worksheet
    • Attendance Sheet:
    • Leave Register:
    • Overtime Calculation:
    • Salary Sheet:
    • Pay Slip:
    • ESI &EPF Report:
    • LWF & PT Report:
    • Bonus & Gratuity Calculation:
    • Income Tax Calculation:
    • Full & Final Settlement:
    • Annual Returns:
    • Contract Renewal Schedule:


    • Basics:- Reference, Filters (Basic, Advanced, Conditional), Sort (Ascending, Descending, Cell/ Font Color), Conditional Formatting, Data Validation, Group & Ungroup, Data split, Goal Seek
    • Mathematical Functions:- Sum, max, min, Sumif, Sumifs, Count, counta, Countifs, Countblank, Average, Averagea, Subtotal, Round Roundup, Rounddown,
    • Lookup Functions:- Vlookup, Hlookup, Pivot Table, Index, Match, Indirect
    • Date & Time Function:- Day, Month, Year, Edate, Eomonth, Network days, Hour, Minute, Second, Now, Today, Time
    • Conditional functions:- if, and, or, iferror
    • Text Functions: – Concatenate, Find, Search, Substitute, Len, Right, Left, Mid, Lower, Upper, Proper, Text, Trim, Large, Small
    • Charts:- How to Make Dynamic Charts, Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Scatter Chart, Line Chart, and Column Chart.
    • Mail Merge , PPT

    HR Payroll Course Time & Duration Details

    Course ModulesDuration (Hours)Duration
    Duration (Weekdays)
    (Tue. – Fri.)
    Module 1 – 260 – 70 Hours2 – 3 Months1.5 – 2 Months
    Module 115 – 20 Hours1.5 – 2 Months2 – 3 Weeks
    Module 215 – 20 Hours1.5 – 2 Months2 – 3 Weeks

    What Students Say



    08:21 20 Aug 22
    I have completed my HR Generalist course from Talent Magnifier and I have got vast learning on HR which opens great opportunities for my future. The professors are extremely good and very supportive and they make sure that each student gets deep knowledge on all the topics. I am very thankful to the team of Talent Magnifier. I strongly recommend Talent Magnifier for HR Generalist & MIS Excel course.
    Anmol raiAnmol rai
    09:07 03 Aug 22
    Hey !I joined the institute 3 months back for pursuing HR Generalist Course . Today I can say that I am happy that made this decision . Exactly within 3 months they complete the entire course . So firstly they are very punctual and value time . The institute is best for HR as they give both practical and theoretical knowledge. As well as share their experiences which will help us in our futur . The facility is amazing. The teacher specially Bhupender Pal sir supportive , cooperative and his knowledge is par excellence. Indeed he is best teacher . The environment of classroom is very secure , fun loving ..The teachers are very calm and patience as they will give attention to each and every student . They are always ready to solve the doubts . The institute is best for fresher's ans experience as well who want to gain skill based knowledge and technical . I recommend everyone who want to pursue their career in HR . Do join Talent Magnifier. I would like to Thank all the faculty member and special thanks to Bhupender sir. The placement are also very amazing provided by the institute .Thank you .
    Vinod HansVinod Hans
    10:22 28 Jul 22
    Thank you, Talent Magnifier Team, for giving me extreme knowledge and constant support in the HR profession. I completed my HR Generalist training in 2018. This institute is one of the prestigious institutes for HR Generalist training with professional faculties and placement assistance in Delhi NCR. I have been placed by this institute in a very reputed firm. I found a nice learning ambiance here that inspired me to learn more, Bhupendra Sir has taught through his vast industrial exposure with Core concepts which helps in learning new skills, and now realize it helped me a lot. The theoretical and practical training was well organized with flexible training timings. The faculties focus on each and every student and there are many candidates who have been placed in leading companies via Talent Magnifier. If you want to start your Career in the HR domain, it is the perfect place. I highly recommend it!
    Bhavnasingh ChaharBhavnasingh Chahar
    16:46 21 Jul 22
    I am very happy to finish HR Generalist courses from Talent Magnifier, this course has given me a lot of information, I have learned about employee relations, including how to lead negotiations, manage grievances, deal with strikes and lockouts, and stay within the bounds of the law when working with unions, employees, managers, and government officials, Awesome overview of the HR practices! I'd recommend for HR employees as well as for anyone who leads others. The course was well organized and the instructors “Bhupendra Sir is the best teacher to learn about HR Management.I thank all the lecturers in these courses, Thanks for the effort
    Ankit MalikAnkit Malik
    08:11 09 Jul 22
    It is the most useful and valuable experience that will help me in my future. Bhupendra Sir is the best trainer as he demonstrates the topics very easy and in simple way.I did my MBA in HR but I was not having any practical knowledge. I have gained a lot of valuable practical knowledge on HR functions in the training. I came to know about so many things in Human Resource subject that I used to study in books only.This is my first experience using web conferencing for training, but through this I got to know about the new technology in learning or training.I joined Talent Magnifier for HR Generalist, MIS & Adv. MS Excel and training course in Jan 2022, but I quite disappointed by delay in course it took 2 months extra. (Feb to July).The entire period of training went very smoothly and made me confident about my HR skills.Talent magnifier institute has experienced and well qualified teachers. Institute provides best HR generalist training in Delhi.I would like to thanks the entire team of talent magnifier, special thanks to Mr. Bhupendra Sir, my trainer.I would like to recommend this training institute to every HR fresher or working HR professional who are not getting learning opportunities in their organization.

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