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Know Incredible Advanced Excel skills

Microsoft excel is one of those software that has its utility in every sector. The amount of use that professional people take by it is huge. But unfortunately, it is mostly taken for granted. People feel that they know almost everything in it. But this actually is not the case. This blog will state certain advanced excel skills that you should know to take full advantage of this fantastic software. Advanced formula- formula is one thing that is of massive help to the people who work on Excel. It is the feature that has saved Excel from just remaining a data keeping tool. But the problem here is that it is just too easy to use the normal formulas like SUM or IF and people think that this will do the work. Which is true, but to increase your productivity you should be able to use complex formulas like SUM-IFS or SUM PRODUCT. Remember, formulas help you in many ways while working with data and you should get them perfect. Tables and formatting- excel is basically a software that helps you manage data. In this management it is really very important to know how to effectively present your data. If you wish to be working on Microsoft excel as a professional then you should be best friends with tables and its formatting tools. Conditional formatting- this feature of excel allows you to instruct excel to highlight certain parts of your table that meets certain condition. It is mostly not used up to its full potential. You can take Excel Coaching Classes in Delhi. Combining this feature with complex formulas can help meet any required condition. This is a feature that will help you a ton hence it is important to get this right to get advanced in this software. Advanced charting- the analysis that you do with your data will only be helpful if you present it effectively. Charting is a basic way to get the presentation right. It makes it easy for the people not understanding your spreadsheet understand what you are trying to convey. Advanced user of excel always have the perfect understanding as to what type of graph representation is perfect for a particular situation. Pivot tables and pivot reporting- pivot tables and pivot reporting are the feature of excel that help you manage massive amounts of data very easily. Just a few clicks and you will be answering the most complex question regarding the data. This is a feature that is loved by the advanced users of excel. VBA and macros- VBA is basically the language of excel. Getting familiar to this language will help you give instructions that are easy for excel to understand. This will enable you setting up macros and getting things done quite easily saving you a lot of time and money. Though excel is not taken much seriously, it has many undiscovered functionality. And it has use in almost every sector. Getting proficient in this software will give you a massive

Tally Training with new updates

Are you aware about the Importance of Tally? The software Tally today is increasingly becoming much used in offices, both private and government sectors, companies whether big or small and even private businessmen are also using this software to keep their records updated and in sync with the line. In fact, tally has become an indispensable part of our day to day life without which, I feel running a business would simply be impossible. While on the other hand, even in schools, the basics of tally is being taught as a course under the subject – Computers. If you say that your business wouldn’t have been possible without Tally, I will definitely agree on this statement. Why Tally? Gone are the days when people used to pile up those big brown files with loads and loads of papers being carried on from ages and then keeping records and that layer of dust settling on it. It was rather a tedious task to open those files and look at the accounts and various other papers. Times have changed, people have changed, and working style has changed. People want to lessen the burden and complication of keeping a record for payrolls and accounts. For such obvious reasons, Tally has made managing the payrolls and accounts and taxes in a much better and organized manner. It has in other words simplified the business for all. However, if you are installing this software for your organization or business, you need to be fully aware of all the functions. It is a must that you undergo tally training with new updates. The reason is simple, that the version keeps on changing every now and then and for this you have to have the in depth knowledge for the same. In order to grasp the significance of Tally, you must first be sure about the basic concepts. The latest version is Tally ERP 9. This being the latest update with the software, it needs to be updated in the systems as well. The latest updated version has many changes as compared to the previous one. It has made keeping a track record of payrolls in a simplified manner and has made calculations on your fingertips. Hence it holds importance that you take a certification program with Tally Training with new updates so that you are well versed with the programming language. Features of Tally Here is a list of some fundamental features of tally. Accounting – this is the core of tally and the most popular segment of tally. When we say the word tally, our mind automatically starts saying that if it is Tally, it has to be accounts. Credit and Debit Note Calculations Payrolls Payment Sales invoice Receipt Cash memos Purchases Taxes and billing These are just a few key features of the software. Though there are many others if we study in depth. That is the reason we say that it is very important to undergo Tally training with new updates.

Tips to make your career in SEO

SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. We all must be wondering what was is it actually and does it require any higher education in this field. Now, this is a very vast subject and has many vast topics. Those interested in working as an SEO expert in any company needs to undergo hardcore training for the same. If you think you are extremely talented in playing with those Webpages and creating some fantastic software and websites, and thus you do not require any training; then you’re absolutely on the wrong path. If you have the knack and the knowledge to prepare yourself as an SEO expert, you should think about undergoing this training program – Advanced SEO Training in Delhi. How to make a career in advanced SEO training? Actually, when you think or hear about the course, you will call it a very tough one. The name itself says so, but if you are a computer geek, this one will be pretty easy for you to cope up with. But when it comes to advising about the topic, it actually becomes a difficult one to advice. Today, there are several courses related to SEO Training. SEO was then considered to be a very rare thing in the 90’s. But if you see the vast and the sudden change, you’ll find that now there are numerous institutes like Talent Magnifier that will provide “Advanced SEO Training in Delhi.” When you have a complete and a formal education about this one, it gets even better to be hired easily by the companies. A degree for the course is not enough to impress the employer. In fact, you should possess some extra skill sets in this field. Apart from knowing the basics of SEO, you should be a pro in it. Should be able to read and crack the HTML, JAVA script and various other languages. The next is to communicate with the stakeholders who have invested huge bucks. Try to figure out the business objectives. No work experience works here. You should polish your skills in order to compete with various clients. In order to retain yourself in the job is to hone your skills. Even if you succeed being an SEO expert in the initial stages and being a self-starter, you still need to grasp quickly to the next level. Apart from pursuing this certification course, if you have by means any Google certification, this will add to your credentials. You should be able to research on various sites that are given to you by your employer. Not only show your skills, polish them by creating better output. The candidate must have the ability to keep up with the changes in this industry. There are several changes that take place in this discipline. At Talent Magnifier, you will be able to get best Advanced SEO Training in Delhi. Try to cope up with those by showing a willingness to learn and to understand better.

Difference between Direct Tax and Indirect Tax

To finance Government activities, the tax is collected by government entity from individuals and corporation. It is not a voluntary rather enforced contribution to support the government. It is a monetary burden on individual, property owner and corporations. Tax is the main source of revenue for the government as it is used to meet the expenses like defense, healthcare, education, infrastructure etc. It is used for the welfare of the people. Tax is levied directly and indirectly to shift the burden of tax from one person to another. To gain detail knowledge many people look for direct and indirect taxation course. Direct Tax The tax is imposed directly on the taxpayer. It cannot be shifted from taxpayer to another person. It is directly born by the consumer. It is imposed by the government to collect direct revenue. The burden falls on the person who has the taxable income. It is generally collected by the central or state government. Some important types of direct tax are Income tax is paid by the individual who has taxable income. Individual income comes under different tax brackets and they have to pay tax accordingly. All the individual and businesses have to file an income tax. Corporate Tax is levied on income gain generated by corporations. Wealth tax is levied on the value of property or assets that person holds. Inheritance tax is collected on the death of an individual as an estate tax. Gift tax is collected when individual receive the taxable gift. Fringe benefits tax is paid by the employer that avail fringe benefits. Excise duty is levied on the manufacturer of the products. It is later shifted to the retailer or consumer. Customs duty is charged when goods are purchased outside the country. Entertainment tax is paid by cinema owner later transfer to the consumer. There are many more direct taxes like service tax, sales tax etc. The only difference is that you can shift the burden of tax in indirect tax. Indirect Tax Indirect tax, on the other hand, is collected by intermediaries. It can be shifted by the taxpayer to another person. It increases the burden on the consumer as the price of the products increases due to the indirect tax levied on it. One of the examples is value added tax which is seen in the bills of goods and services. Initially, it was levied on manufacturer late shift on the end consumer. Some of the indirect taxes are Customs duty is a tariff imposed on goods transported across the international border. It is imposed on goods imported and exported. Central excise duty imposed on excisable goods. Service tax is levied on the total amount charged by the service provider. We conclude in the end that burden of the tax is shifted in indirect tax whereas it cannot be transferred in direct tax. Direct tax reduces inflammation while other taxes enhance inflation. There are more chances if evasion indirect tax which is not possible in indirect tax. There is

Chartered Accountancy Profession in India and The Career Choices

Chartered accountancy is a professional degree course that offers a lot of career options.  There are opportunities in both public and private sector as well. It is one of the highest paying jobs in our country.  It holds well in abroad as well. Now let us see the job positions that are available for the CA’s They can choose to start their own individual practice where they will render their service for the client company. They can choose to work as an auditor or as a tax consultant in any of the existing firms. They work with banks, public sector companies, and private sector companies. They can work as auditors in stock broking forms, mutual fund companies, portfolio management and legal firms. The first step for any chartered accountant is to clear the initial Common Proficiency Test (CPT).  It is an entry level test where subjects like mercantile law, quantitative aptitude, economics and accounting knowledge are tested. The second test is the integrated professional competent course (IPCC) aims at increasing the both theoretical and practical knowledge in the accounting field. The subjects covered are information technology, business strategies, auditing and taxes. After clearing the IPCC the candidate has to undergo an internship period where he/she is trained under the experienced CA’s. Here they gain hands on experience as to how to handle the clients and how to meet their specific tasks within stipulated time. The final or the CA final is the last stage of the testing phase for the candidates. Here the subjects covered are advanced management accounting, strategic financial management, advanced auditing and taxation, VAT, systems controls and principles of e-governance are some of the subjects. There are career options in our country as well as in abroad. If you have got Accounts Training Course in Delhi from reputed institute, then it will be plus point for you. The demand for these professionals are increasing on a daily basis and the job growth rate is expected to be anywhere between 10 to 15% in the industry. As there are a lot of new forms of taxes being introduced and new laws are being brought into play their work seems to be increasing.  The following are the main areas of job: Investment banking Financial advisor Auditing/taxation Banking sector jobs Legal advisory Partner in firms Stock broking consultants. The salary of these professionals range from 1lakh per month and constantly keeps increasing along with their experience.  The main key to sustain in this field is to maintain the secrecy and accuracy of the audit they conduct. The information of their clients and the details are highly confidential. Once fully qualified, they are highly in demand. Based on their experience, they can always become seasoned and accurate. These professionals are in demand in abroad too there also; their salary is the best in industry. But according to the country they get placed, they might have to change according to the laws and rules.  In abroad too, the growth rate in their

How Microsoft Access Can Improve Your Productivity?

You might find it surprising to know that regular MS Office users find it hard to get used to Microsoft Access when compared to MS Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Not because it is tough to use, but it is the lack of knowledge. As MS Access is a simple relational database application and it is included in the Microsoft Office Suite. If you have ms access training course, then it even allows users to manage, enter and run reports on a huge scale. In addition, it is quite suitable for individuals who want to organize huge data fast. What Are The Advantages of Microsoft Access? As Access is a simple database package that is present within the MS Office suite, most organization recommend in using it compared to other databases. The below are what makes it one of the best database to use – 1) Easy and quick for creating database system No doubt, MS Access is one of the best tools for developing bespoke systems, especially the ones having database right in its heart. Also, it consists of many wizards which can easily speed up the basic process of creating database applications, and also huge array of easily available functionality. 2) Export and import to MS Office and other applications Do you know one of the best features of MS Access is the ability to easily interface with any data and from many programs? In addition, it can easily combine the various data that was created in various other programs and even be able to transfer data from one program to another, etc. Using MS Access, there are multiple ways to easily copy objects like form or table from a single database to another, that too without any effort. Frankly, besides pasting and copying any object, MS Access even provides the scope to export an object that has various options. 3) Producing adaptive and flexible database system This is one feature where MS Access pretty much scores. Frankly, there is nothing which needs to be written in a stone. Even though it is not as fast with regard to making changes compared to creating systems, still you might find it easy to update any kind of changes in Access with regard to other packages. Also, if you really want to add any kind of new bits to the system, it can be integrated immediately, just like developing something new. So, in practice, you can say that Access is very much best for businesses in real world. Now as things change, even your system will change too. This won’t cost you anything and even without any kind of delay. You can get Ms Access Training Course from reputed Talent Magnifier Training Institute, which is a leading institute in Delhi. 4) Tell Me – User friendly feature There is a new user-friendly feature called ‘Tell Me’ in the latest version of MS Access. It works like an assistant that helps users to finish a task immediately. This so called feature is

What You Need To Know About GST Certification Course in Delhi and Its Necessity?

For the overall development of our country, the extensive role GST plays is truly humongous and one step from becoming a super power. Indian economy’s growth extensively depends on how much success GST (Goods & Service Tax) achieves. As the structure of Indian economy is based on the high compliance of effective and cost administration, so in such cases implementing GST is quite crucial for tax and audit professionals. Do you know what the basic aim of the Goods and services Tax is? It is to simplify the taxation procedures involving entities and people, especially in paying taxes. Currently, there are various traders, professionals, individuals, etc planning to upgrade their skills to be in line for understanding the benefits of it. This is why central government initiated various GST training courses all over the states to create the awareness among various professionals about it and how to get trained in it. Is There A Good GST Certification Course in Delhi? Yes! You can get the best GST Training in Delhi which will assist GST trained individuals to assist people with regard to taxation, calculating tax liability and even for the registration of it. However not many training centers are aware of it and institutes like Talent Magnifier have been pioneers in handling classes related to GST Certification Course in Delhi. Necessity of this Training And Courses For the proper implementation of this tax, it is better if you take assistance of professional and experienced practice this course from training agencies like Talent Magnifier. They provide the best Course in Delhi and have coaches to distribute their vast knowledge about the proper GST implementation. Frankly, the practical training that you get from coaching centers offering this course Training in Delhi will assist in collecting the required taxes from both indirect and direct economic role models. Now, this is the best condition for the promotional of equitable distribution of income as well as economic growth, which plays a great role in the country’s development. Currently citizens are having a tough time in understanding the many layers of indirect taxes that state government collects. The best part is that with the introduction of GST, all the layers involved in indirect tax calculation will disappear from the chain. Advantage of Learning GST Through Training Course For implementing Goods and services Tax in an effective way, you need to learn it from the best GST Certification Course in Delhi and the best part is that you can easily beat the recession. It is common for the Indian government to implement various kinds of taxes so that Indian economy can be stabilized. Previously, there was VAT and its major aim was to reform growth of the state and business community. However, once Goods and services Tax is implemented, all kinds of tax collection will disappear. This will be great for individuals who want to make career in tax and audit. For such professionals, they can easily know about the required principal, interest rate and have a

Why Management Information System degree is high in demand and why information system is so important?

There many categories of an Information system that are used in business. Let us first understand these categories. Transaction Processing System is designed to process transactions. It stores the data and processes it. The system accurately records the transaction data. One can cancel or modify transaction due to transaction processing system. Some examples can be banking software, payroll system etc. Decision Support system helps in business decision making. It helps to improve the quality of decisions. The information is collected from different sources and stored in the form of reports. These information records help to make effective decisions. Some examples are like logistic, financial planning etc. An executive information system is able to provide information in graphical form. It provides information to provide quality decisions. These systems are customized as per the client need. Management Information system is helpful for efficient operations of the business. Some examples are like Human resource management system, Enterprise resource planning system, accounting, and finance reporting systems, sales and marketing systems etc. There are many MIS Training Course Institute in Delhi as well. MIS has four important systems which are as follows: An information system is based on software and hardware. The hardware refers to the computer; printer, scanner etc and software are like enterprise resource software. Though, information System Company works effectively. Database Management system refers to the storage of database. There are many database systems used in MIS. The database system can be small or huge depending on the size of the business. Intelligence system is concerned with business decision making. The data is stored and collected and presented in front of the top-level executive to make decisions. It is also known as business intelligence. Research system identifies the business problems. Employees are able to analyse the problem and make decisions accordingly. Importance of Information system in business It widely supports the business decision to meet the business goals. It ensures that organization works smoothly and achieves the targets. The managers are able to take quick decisions on the basis of an information system. In the company managers from all the departments can access the same information. The information system supports the collection of data from all the sources. This way there is transparency in the communication based on the records. It helps to track the performance of the employees working in the organization. In big companies, there are many branches and departments in different locations. Without the information system decisions cannot be made. It is due to information system communication is possible and group decisions are made. To improve the overall performance of the organization information system is helpful. Why there is a huge demand of MIS degree? You can make the best career by applying for MIS degree. You can get jobs for Computer system analyst, Application developer, project leader, consultant information security manager, technical support analyst and much more. Candidates who have the master degree in MIS have the high salary job. More and more industries are in great need of

HR Payroll course: A chance to live up your dream

In order to fulfill the dream, the candidates are recommended to join the course and get the certification. HR Compensation and benefits training in Delhi has a lot to offer to the industry and its people. Due to the significant rise in the competition, the experience is the main factor by which the companies are choosing the best of candidates who are well educated and qualified. In today’s scenario, the people are becoming smarter with a time and support from the advanced technology that is introduced to their help desk. Professionalism is the foremost trait that every company in the corporate world is looking for. One could easily grasp these traits through highly certified payroll course. The candidate with the certificate is on the top lists of the companies and hire them at a very fluent salary package and position. The course is designed in a manner that it is easy to grasp and learn by the fresher in a long run. Payroll is an essential process of calculating the net expenditure against the services offered by the employee with due respect to the company. It is a monthly scenario that is being performed by the payroll executive and demands high accuracy and security. It is calculated after supervising various daily activities or tasks being performed by the employee. Therefore, it includes the basic salary, incentives, rewards or bonus earned by the employee during his/ her course of action. HR and Payroll Training Courses in Delhi make the courses affordable for the people by availing them to mass. The course syllabus includes all the complex topics that play an effective role at work such as PF, ESIC, EPFO, online refilling training, other laws, and standards, etc. These courses help in building up the candidate’s skills and make them ready to work in a real environment. The subject is prepared under the guidance of experts and professionals who are in the same field and gained enough experience through their service. Due to the increase in the demand of the course, the concerned authorities had taken up a step ahead to introduce HR payroll training online.  This is the step that is taken to benefit the wider audience all over the world. Under the program, a candidate is given equivalent guidance and training as in offline training process. All the queries and doubts are handled by the experts online. One could learn course, as per its suitability. Talent Magnifier offers the best and most reliable online HR payroll training so that the benefits could be enjoyed by all sets of people. On successful completion, of course, the certificate is allocated to each member who has the potential of getting well-settled jobs with high salary package. The course is divided into two modules and demands 2-3 months of effortless training. Exposure from seminars and workshops are add on a characteristic of HR payroll Training. Training done with high zeal and determination prove to be beneficial for the aspirants in a long run. During

Significance of Social Compliance Training at work

HR Statutory Compliance Training plays the significant role in introducing the skills to make a healthy and strong relationship with the employee. The task of managing the employee at work is always considered as one of the most tedious. Training courses are designed in a way to teach all the standards, laws, audits and people management that could help in the smooth working of the processes at work. In such a case, IR is in huge demand of the company that further demands the need of social compliance training. IR expert is the person who is responsible for making the balance between the company’s high authority and its workers. IR negotiates with workers and in response provides desired job security and good pay. Human resources and industrial relations courses also benefit major other things that prove to be life time learning and aid at work. The programs are designed by keeping all the necessary concepts in mind so that ability to manage the employee could be initiated within the candidate. There is many HR Social Compliance Training Institute who are proficient in introducing the program and issuing the high valued certificate on successful completion of an intended course. All the practical legal calculations, conducting HR audit and dealing with legal authorities are performed by the IR of the company. Practical and real life examples are supported at the time of training so that strategic skills are initiated that can help in building and maintain relations at work for good. The structure of the course is designed by keeping in mind all the ongoing trends and tools in the market. This will help in keeping the candidate updated with the knowledge. This updated knowledge makes the candidates stands apart and on the priority list by the companies. Candidates with Compliance training certificate are most likely to be chosen by the officials. Below are the people who can successfully opt for the hr labor law course in Delhi NCR: Candidates who have some interest in practicing law. Individuals seeking the bright future in such an industry. Training course is the better option for upgrading the skills. Fresher or MBA graduates seeking enhanced knowledge. Aspirants with a strategic mind. All the candidates discussed are directly or indirectly benefited from the course in terms of increasing the skills or enhancing them. The course has the efficiency of opening the multiple opening and promises bright future with attractive salary package. Talent Magnifier is a leading brand who is a concern of providing the course at an affordable range so that huge people can take the benefit of the course. At the end, each one is issued with a global certified course. All the laws and basic skill introduced in a program can lead way towards the bright future. Course could be learned in total 2-3 months under the supervision of experts and professionals in their domain. Exposure from seminars and workshops are also arranged so the in depth training is supported. Practical sessions and handouts