HR This human resource is considered to be the most important key of any industry or organization, that is, you can also name it the reed of the industry. Just as the spine plays an important role in the human body similarly HR plays an important role in the industry. HR only helps in recruiting new employees with high skills and high efficiency. The work of HR affects an organization or a company, so the work of human resources i.e. HR is not easy.

The HR department has the overall responsibility of providing development, orientation and HR generalist training program for the employees. There are many HR generalist training program in India and different HR positions are appointed for different companies. One of them is Journalist HR. Various types of courses have been implemented to become a journalist HR, in which you can go to the post of HR by enrolling. Best institute for HR Generalist course is as follows –

1. Henry Harvin HR Academy –

Henry Harvin education is considered to be one of the institutes that provides a high level of training for the HR Generalist Course in India which is designed around the structure and training facilities of the Certified HR Generalist Course. Under this course, you will be given special attention to many topics such as tax planning, logical operations, and some important information about data collection. Ace Academy has its centers in many big cities of India like Online HR practical course in delhi.

 2. SBMC school of HR –

SBMC i.e. Shree Balaji Management Consultants is considered to be one of the highly ranked HR general courses in India. Its headquarter is in Canada. The objective of this course is to make the students understand the concepts and get them placed in any big company. Under this course, students are taught about the Wage Code, Social Security as well as the Working Conditions Code. The duration of this course varies from 4 to 16 weeks.

3. Udemy –

Udemy is one of the most affordable online courses in the 21st century. This is the best way to conduct an HR course through an HR generalist online training method during the lockdown. During this course, students are given a lot of exposure to employee engagement, virtual recruiting, payroll, and compensation management, with a strong emphasis on them. The duration of this course is 1 hour 40 minutes.

4. Middle Earth HR – 

It was established in the year 1997 for Practical Joyful Learning in People Management. Middle Earth HR is one of the Human Resource general courses in India and it gives the students complete design interface knowledge. The duration of this course is about 6 weeks and its total fee is 16 thousand.

5. Pro Touch –

Pro Touch is considered to be one of the most effective HR courses in India. This course provides life-changing training and skills and they learn personality performance and psychometric tests. The duration of this course is approximately 3 hours. And its value is up to 16 thousand.

6. International Institute of Human Resource –

It was established in 2012 in Bangalore. In general courses of HR in India, the student like essential subjects in the HR field, and the trainer gives the students a practical approach to all the concepts. The duration of this course is only 30 minutes and the cost is around 3 thousand.

7. Aptron Solutions – 

It was established in 2003. This course is one of the best HR courses in India. In which students are trained for many top firms like Microsoft, SAP, CompTIA, Red Hat, etc. During this course of HR generalist online training, students are given more focus on topics like Statutory Compliance, ESI, Bonus, Recruitment, and EPF in particular course modules.

8. MIT (People and Organization) –

It was established in 2010. This course is specially designed for the latest HR strategies. There are a total of 25 sessions in this course and each session is of approximately 1.5 hours. It covers important life skills taught by the best of the best professors.

9. Croma Campus –

This course is one of the most resourceful and valuable HR generalist courses in India. This is the biggest center for HR generalist online training. The main focus of this course is Indian Labor Laws, Legal Aspects of Human Resources as well as Advanced Human Resources, Human Resource Audit, etc. This course is also about 30 minutes and its cost is around 3 thousand.

10. HR Spot –

This course is considered to be one of the best institutes for HR Generalist courses in India. In this course for the students, special attention is given to various topics like advanced HR, HR audit, industrial relations, etc. Apart from this, a job interview demo session has also been added to it. The duration of this course is about 3 months.

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